The Evolution of a Hero

Birth Pangs

In the best of times, the streets and structures of New York City are full of a people – some good, some bad.

These are not the best of times.

Gang activity is on the increase, the streets are filled with more violence than usual, spilling over into the various boroughs. If it were simply this, it could be curbed by the current bank of heroes that reside in the city. However, something dark is going on. Sightings of the Werewolf have been reported and what people are calling “a Frankenstein attack” has recently hit the Lower East Side. They strike suddenly and randomly, destroying and killing everything in their wake.

Meanwhile, the worldwide art community is aghast. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been broken into. An ancient tome titled A Madman’s Mutterings has been stolen. Who would do such a thing and to what end remains a mystery.

Could the two events be connected? A rag tag group of heroes has endeavored to find out, enlisted to investigate the whereabouts of the tome by the MET’s curator Maximillian Pride. The quest is can they discover the cause before the city is engulfed in darkness?

Evolution of a Hero